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Expectation Setting

Lifelong PHR was designed to be intuitive.  It provides a framework for use by patients in collecting and organizing their personal health data.  .It has been designed to make things as simple as possible for users, and is suitable for use even by someone who has only a limited understanding about medical/healthcare information.  The structure of Lifelong PHR reflects data that any user is likely to encounter when communicating with doctors, pharmacists and medical technicians.


Recommendations for Using Lifelong PHR

As data is entered into Lifelong PHR, stop occasionally to run one of its reports.  You will see how your data is being organized and formatted.  This will give you a better picture of how the program operates and the value it provides.  Also, please refer to information in the NEWS & VIEWS section of this website to get a better understanding of the preparation and use of personal health records.



Suggestions and Feedback

You are invited and encouraged to send feedback to  Please include questions you would like us to answer on this web page.





The program's General Information tab

This is the place where users begin to enter their data.  It contains information that is required for an Emergency Medical Information card shown to the left.  That will be one of the reports that you will probably want to print and carry with you at all times.

After completing the header with name, gender and birthday, complete as much or as little information as you would like on this and subsequent pages..

Double-clicking on any address field will open windows for formatting information.

  A Personal Computer with a Microsoft Windows® XP, SP-3; Vista; or Windows 7 Operating System is required.  An Apple computer equipped with a Windows emulator would be a likely alternative, but has not been tested. 

To download, install and activate the Lifelong PHR application and third party software that it requires to operate, you will need cable/DSL wideband Internet service, a DataCard, WiFi access or obtain software on computer media.

Although Lifelong PHR is currently used successfully on machines up to ten years old, until the software is installed and operational, the user experience is greatly improved for those with newer, faster machines with greater amounts of memory (RAM).  This makes the startup process considerably faster.

We also recommend Smartphones and Flash Drives for users to backup data and keep reports available for access in times of emergency. 

  STEP 1:  DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE  Whether you are trying out the software or have purchased it and have a license key, the download file is the same.  Go to the EVALUATION & PURCHASE page in this website.  Click on Download Evaluation Version.  Fill out a download request form.  You will receive an email with instructions and a download link.

STEP 2:  INSTALL THE SOFTWARE  When the download has completed, you will be given the opportunity to run the installation..  This will only take a few minutes unless your computer needs to be updated with software components from Microsoft and SAP Crystal Reports that are required by Lifelong PHR..

STEP 3:  LOCATE LIFELONG PHR ICON  You will find it on your computer's desktop.  Double-click on it.  This will open the program for the first time.  Here you will be given the choice to evaluate the program or to enter your license key if you purchased the product and have one.  ONLY LICENSED USERS WILL HAVE FULL USE OF THE PRODUCT.  The versions are compared on the Evaluate & Purchase page.

STEP 4:  BEGIN USE  Whether you are evaluating or are a licensed user, each time you start the program, you will need to log into the program.  The Username and Password are the same as the ones used to start Windows.  If you do not have a Windows password, simply enter your Windows Username and leave the password field blank.  For additional user documentation, click on the Windows START button (lower left corner of Windows desktop) and select LifelongPHR from ALL PROGRAMS.  You will find QUICK START GUIDE, READ ME AND HELP files.

  If you have any problems that you are unable to resolve, please send a descriptive email to  Be sure to include your name and a telephone number in case we need to talk with you.  Otherwise, we will reply to your email as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).  Thank you for your patience.


List of Questions

  Q1:  After installing and starting to use the software, I could not save a record.  I got an error message.  What should I do?  
  A1:  The first step in starting a record after installing the software is to press the NEW button at the top of the General Information screen.  If you try to save without doing so, you will see, "General Error - Input string was not in a correct format."  
  Q2:  Can I put my LPHR health record on my iPhone (or other smartphone) or USB Flash Drive?  
  A2:  Yes.  Although there is no application that directly enters, changes and accesses raw LPHR data on a handheld device, LPHR reports formatted and saved as PDF files can be viewed on smartphones equipped with a PDF viewer and carried on USB flash drives.  These are also excellent ways to backup data.  
  Q3:  How can I obtain Lifelong PHR on computer media?  
  A3:  Please contact your sales representative.  It is currently available only by special request.  
  Q4:  What if my reports do not work?  
  A4:  Before contacting, "Support," go to the Microsoft website and download "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)."   
  Q5:  Where can I find the latest Quick Start Guide?  
  A5:  You may download it from this website  
  Q6:  What is my login and password?  
  A6:  Simply use the same login (username) and password that you used when you started your computer and went into Windows.  If you do not use a password, enter the user account name (found in the Windows Control Panel) and leave the password blank.


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