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  HEALTHY IDEAS Newsletter - January 2011 - Volume 1, Number 1

HEALTHY IDEAS Newsletter - April 2011 - Volume 1, Number 2

HEALTHY IDEAS Newsletter - July 2011 - Volume 1, Number 3

HEALTHY IDEAS Newsletter - December 2011 - Volume 1, Number 4

  Personal Health Records, indispensible tools for Managing Health and Fitness  
  January 8, 2011:  IDentoMetric Solutions increases value from itemizing medical tax deductions  
  March 7, 2010:  IDentoMetric Solutions releases new Lifelong Personal Health Record™ product  

Getting your Personal Health Record (PHR) started

This paper is designed to set expectations about Personal Health Records and provide insight and ideas for getting started and creating an effective one.  This includes use of specialized software for organizing and managing PHR data.  Lifelong, it will bring greater utility and benefits from the time and effort expended.    READ MORE . . . . . .


Why everyone should have a Personal Health Record - Here are some sound bites to consider.

Responsible individuals are getting more and more involved in the management of their healthcare.  With today’s healthcare uncertainties, this is becoming important for everyone.  No one else has the same perspective and vested interest that the patient has.  If we abuse our bodies, we suffer the consequences.  By playing an active role in the management of our healthcare, we are more likely to enjoy the rewards of longer, healthier, more productive lives.  Personal Health Records (PHRs) are tools that help us to do this job better.   READ MORE . . . . . .


Personal Health Records Satisfy Many Needs

We are all different.  Whether it is where we are in our lives, or there are different things wrong with us, or there is something else that is important, having built-in flexibility is important when creating and maintaining a Personal Health Record (PHR).  This is particularly true when we are parents addressing needs of small children or acting on behalf of our own parents when they have lost the ability to care for themselves.  There are things that we each can do to bring additional value and extend the capabilities of the PHR software that we use.  READ MORE . . . . . .


The Personal Health Record, an important tool for Monitoring Health, Anticipating Problems and Directing Treatment

Someone has an accident and while being treated for injuries, learns that they have a serious disease and need immediate treatment or they will die.  Stories like this are reported all the time.  How many people find out too late and miss out on a lifesaving cure?  What can be done to prevent or at least reduce this problem?

During routine health checkups, some things are looked at by doctors that are not important to patients while other things that are more important receive a lower priority and less emphasis.

Supplementing what medical practitioners do and focusing their efforts helps to provide patients with better healthcare results.  This enables everyone to receive the greatest possible value from their health care dollar and the extra chance for a long and fruitful life. 

Personal Health Records designed from the patient perspective are important to providing improved care.  With all of the different organizations pursuing these opportunities, the challenge becomes, how best to do this.  READ MORE . . . . . .

Personal Health Records - Things to think about

Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the importance for patients to have copies of their Personal Health Records (PHRs) when official records were destroyed.  Since then we have discovered that even the best records can miss essential details that only the patient knows.  They also have a dark side.  In the wrong hands, PHRs can facilitate identity theft and impersonation bringing fraudulent insurance claims and bills to unsuspecting victims.  This creates a legal nightmare and lasting damage.  Digital records make it easier for everyone except the criminals when appropriate measures are taken to safeguard private information.  READ MORE . . . . . .


Healthcare Recordkeeping for Children

Children are the future.  Getting them off to a good start in life has become more and more challenging . . . . even for experienced parents, there are enough new things . . . . . . LPHR is designed to help parents manage the health of their children  READ MORE . . . . . .


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