When your doctor gives you a questionnaire to fill out or asks a question


When emergency medical technicians need information to save you

Will new healthcare legislation and insurance changes make a Lifelong Personal Health Record more important to you?

When you cannot remember things you have done for yourself

 What if your doctor, hospital or other provider goes out of business, has a retention policy or retires?


Will your Lifelong health summary be available when you need it?  In too many instances, provider records are lost or destroyed, or they are incomplete or have errors.  Keeping your own record can make a big difference in the care that you receive.


Lists of medications, allergies and medical conditions are important to have before surgery.

What would happen if your records were lost in a fire or flood?



Will a previous record be important if a condition recurs and another doctor takes over?

When you need to remember your children's information, and they will thank you for starting records for them when they get older


When your children or surrogates need it to help you later in life


Have one when you need it!